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Minggu, 26 Agustus 2012

Facebook Hacking Software - Hack Facebook Accounts - Facebook Hacker

Well,Don't be deceived by the title but it can actually hack.So just check out what it does and you will understand more clearly.I made this tool long time back but I didn't publish it anyone check it out !

Facebook Hacking Software - Hack Facebook Accounts - Facebook Hacker

Original Article.This is the same software and the procedure is also the same.The only difference between Facebook Hack and Mail Hacker is that its Appearance,apart from that they are the same.

Here is a tutorial on how to use it : Video Tutorial For Facebook Hacker

Facebook Hacking Software - Hack Facebook Accounts - Facebook Hacker

What does "Mail Hacker" Do ?

Well its quite simple....Before you understand take a look at the Screenshot below so that everything is clear.Then I'll Explain

Here is what to do !

1.So in the left hand side you gotto enter your details,Your "Username" and "Password"...Don't worry you won't get hacked.
2.Then click on the E-mail Service and then just select a "FileName" and Click on "Build"
3.Then you will find that your File is built in the same directory.
4.So once the person opens your "Server.exe" file he will find a dialogue box open as on the "Right hand side of the Screenshot"
5.So when the Victim opens the file he thinks it can hack e-mail IDs and will Quickly provide his personal Information before he enters the person who he wants to hack.
6.When he click on "Hack Him"....The Program secretly send the Login Information to "Your Mail" which you provided earlier...And then he gets a temporary error !

File Details:

Download: Facebook Hacking Software/Tool (Mediafire Link)
File Size: 35 KB
File Extension: .rar (Compressed Archive)

If you have any problems then please post a comment and I'll get to you immediately.

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